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Make the internet your research laboratory.
Set up the workflow for your research study once and reuse it any time.
Integrate with Amazon Mechanical Turk and Qualtrics or your preferred tools.

Watch the video
Crowdsource users
Source users directly from Amazon MTurk, Crowdflower or bring your own participants.
Everything in one place
Pick from well known simulations from existing libraries or build your own
Download the data
You can download the video feed and csv files with the research data

Use a wide variety of participants or provide your own

You can use students in your lab, participants in different laboratories, Amazon MTurkers or any other online participants.

Choose from a wealth of exercises or build your own

Choose from hundreds of DRRC, Harvard PON cases and adapt them for your research study or build your own role play easily

Assign roles, make pairings, record video chats between participants

Participants receive their role information and pairings automatically

Integrate Qualtrics surveys or build any survey or quiz in our platform

iDecisisionGames allows you to custom build your surveys and have all your data in one place. Or you can integrate with your preferred survey tool such as Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey.

View and download the data

View and analyze the data using our advanced visualization tools or download it as a csv file. Even the video recordings are available for download.

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One Week
One Researcher
One Research Study
20 Participants
20 Simultaneous
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One Researcher
Unlimited Research Studies
1000 Participants
50 Simultaneous
Premium Account
One Researcher
Unlimited Research Studies
Unlimited Participants
Unlimited Simultaneous Participants
Custom Plan
If you are in need of a more customized plan, please contact us for pricing.