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Taya Cohen

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

I found that the information I was able to gather from students was much richer than in the past when I would enter everything myself.

I used the IDecisionGames platform this fall (2014) in my MBA negotiations course - 3 sections, each with approximately 40 students. Using iDecisionGames made teaching this semester much more enjoyable and I will definitely be using the software again in future semesters. I didn't fully appreciate how much time and effort it used to take me in the past to distribute role materials and enter everyone's outcomes until now when the students are doing it themselves. I loved that students could be assigned to roles and teams, download their role materials, and then enter their outcomes, all without any work from me. I could monitor their progress in real time and easily determine students' progress (e.g., who had completed the negotiation, who had not yet finished). One benefit that I didn't expect was how much this software would help me deal with students who missed class, which happens quite frequently when they are interviewing for jobs. When I knew students would be absent, I created a separate exercise section on the website to allow students to join if they knew they would be absent from their assigned section. Creating a separate section on the website for absent students allowed them to negotiate on their own time with other students who also needed to miss class. This feature saved me from having to spend my time trying to accommodate these students with alternate arrangements.
The graphs and output displays that iDecisionGames provides could not be created and displayed during class as easily. For example, I like the pareto efficient frontier graph with all the students outcomes from New Recruit. I used this to supplement the excel spreadsheet also created in real time in the program. In exercises in which students come up with creative and unique arrangements rather than purely quantitative outcomes (e.g., Bullard Houses, Viking Investments, Telepro), I found that the information I was able to gather from students was much richer than the in past when I would enter everything myself (and it was really neat to watch it coming in live as the students were negotiating). The outcome entry for these exercises are set up so the students can jointly edit and enter their outcomes on the website and then add personal comments afterwards. Having access to this information facilitated the debriefings and class discussions greatly.
Beyond the software itself, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Niraj, Pavel, and the others. They were available on skype for every exercise I ran throughout the semester and were able to answer questions and address any issue that arose in real time as students were negotiating. The peace of mind that came from having them available to help on skype as I was teaching my class was invaluable. Simply put, the level of service was fantastic – thank you!

Sreedhari Desai

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

It has been an absolute delight working with! They are smart, professional, deliver in a timely manner. I used their services in conjunction with DRRC's Kidney Exercise, and I am so happy I made that decision! Running the exercise in class was a piece of cake, with results becoming available within seconds of students entering their scores. I strongly recommend iDecisionGames for anyone who wants to streamline the simulation experience for students.

Seth Freeman

Adjunct Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

As you know, we used the four-person Towers Market negotiation exercise from Kellogg's DRRC. I was pleased that my 39 students were able to find and read the exercise materials on the site days beforehand, print out a copy, and arrive ready to participate. The system also assigned students randomly to teams and handled last minute adjustments pretty well. I was particularly pleased to see how the system let the students easily report their results online as soon as they were done, as well as their responses to a customized survey I'd given you to include on the site. It was neat to see the results appearing on my dashboard like election returns, giving me more time than usual to spot trends and think of apt new questions. During the debriefing, the system let me not only review overall group results but dig down and see how any specific student answered her survey, which added color, depth and, sometimes, good-natured laughter to the debriefing. The software generally enhanced the debriefing, and fit well into my existing approach. Students seemed generally pleased with the software. While we have a few glitches and tweaks to work out and I have some learning to do before I'm ready to solo with the software, I was impressed with the caliber of the product, its usefulness in the classroom, and its potential for use in novel negotiation events. I appreciated too your valuable suggestions for new customized features we might add to the software, such as the ability to do scatterplots to test whether specific factors in a negotiation influenced their results. And I understand that for one-on-one exercises, you can readily graph results and, over time, as appropriate, assemble a data base to help students see how their results compare to many others'. That would be valuable. I also see potential here for school-wide, inter-varsity, and 'online poker' negotiations where students negotiate with counterparts throughout their school, from other schools, and from the wide world, to name just a few possibilities. Last but not least at all, I'm impressed with the care, professionalism, patience, and technical ability your team has shown throughout. I'm also impressed with the team's remarkably strong understanding of the special needs of negotiation professors and the existing exercises we use. It's a pleasure working with you. I look forward to continuing to develop our excellent collaboration on this very promising software.

Jui Ramaprasad

Assistant Professor, Information Systems

The iDecisionGames platform enables us to run the two-sided market pricing exercise efficiently, with features that greatly enhance the students' learning experience. One of the best features is the sensitivity analysis, which allows each student to experiment with different "what-if" scenarios. They continue to add additional features, such as the opportunity to do quizzes, etc. that only add more value for the students. Altogether, this platform is a very valuable teaching and learning tool -- and the students have fun at the same time!

Hemant Bhargava

Professor of Technology Management

Great implementation of a much needed paradigm shift in learning and education!

Joe Bailey

Research Associate Professor

iDecisionGames was great to work with for creating customized versions of several of my spreadsheet based classroom exercises.

Jim Olson


I’m sold, overall your process is much easier on the professor (me) and much more enriching and interactive for the students. I’ve learned a lot and will soon be your biggest fan. And your support is amazing! iDecisionGames is awesome, it enriches the student experience immensely, and makes the instructor’s job much easier so I’d like to expand my use of it.

Juliana Schroeder

Assistant Professor, Management of Organizations

iDecision Games offers an incredible platform for teaching negotiations. It has an enormous database of common negotiation cases that are already built but also can be edited online. I kept track of all of my students using their platform. For each negotiation case, I could create pre- and post- negotiation surveys that I displayed during the class debriefing time. The functionality of this platform also allowed me to randomize students into negotiation teams during class so that I could account for absent students in the moment. The IT staff is extremely responsive in answering any questions about the program. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.