Education and Training

The iDG platform automates all the tedious tasks involved in running simulations. Professors and Corporate trainers use iDG to run simulations effortlessly and amaze their students with instantaneous insights

Watch the video
  • The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School encourages you to revolutionize how you teach - Read about it here.
  • Use role play simulations from NTR, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (MIT, Harvard), DRRC, Expert Negotiator and several other authors or upload your own exercises.
  • We handle role distribution, automatic group formation, video recording of negotiations and more.
  • Download Negotiation Sample Syllabus
  • Download Culture and Negotiation Sample Syllabus
  • Download Overview Deck
Leadership and ethics
  • Our most used cases are DRRC's Carter Racing and Kidney Case, and Columbia Business Schools Grogan Air case
  • Help your students get a perspective on ethics via social norms through the Tough Choices Exercise
  • Compare leadership profiles across the class and let participants view individualized feedback.
  • Download Sample Syllabus
  • Download Overview Deck
Organizational behavior
  • Run popular Harvard Business School Cases like Heidi Roizen, Ethan Berman or Rob Parson using our interactive technology.
  • Contact us today to learn how CMU Professors Brandy Aven and Taya Cohen worked with us to build the Le Montre simulation.
  • Contact us to build your own exercise/simulation.
  • Download Sample Syllabus
  • Download Overview Deck
Teams, Assessments and HR
  • Teach your students and employees about team dynamics, culture and diversity.
  • Find hidden strengths and gaps with 360° Peer Feedback surveys and personality assessments.
  • Use our iEvolv360 app for continuous feedback between co-workers or teams of students.
  • Interactively run the Ultimatum Game, Trust Game, Dictator Game so that your students experience the theory in real-time.
  • Run Game Theory Games like Oil Pricing and Win As Much As you Can and several other Prisoners Dilemma Games.
  • Contact us if you want your games added to the library. We are rapidly adding economics games
  • Download Sample Syllabus
  • Download Overview Deck
Digital Markets
  • Students learn how to win in networked markets when they play our network effects game.
  • Uber, AirBnB - How do they make pricing decisions? - Teach with our 2 sided markets game.
  • We have an interactive simulation for every chapter of "The Platform Revolution" book.
  • Download Sample Syllabus
  • Download Overview Deck
  • Interactively run the HBS case about the privatization of Anatolia Telecom
  • Run PON's at Harvard Law School Aerospace Investment exercise and debrief by showing class results on a pareto efficient frontier.
Other subjects
  • Learn how to type by running our Typing Game in class or using our website.
  • Engage your students with our collaborative flash card in class game. Contact us to add exercises from your domain.

Running exercises is effortless

Instantly distribute digital/printable roles. Assign teams balanced by gender and more. Deal with late registrations and absences in one click.

I found that the information I was able to gather from students was much richer than in the past when I would enter everything myself.
Taya Cohen, Carnegie Mellon University

Professors get real-time insights

Gives you time to spot trends and prepare talking points for the class debrief. No need for a TA or students to enter results manually.

Running the exercise in class was a piece of cake, with results becoming available within seconds of students entering their scores.
Sreedhari Desai, University of North Carolina

The whole picture at a glance

Our aggregated charts and tables make negotiation results intuitive. Students can easily benchmark themselves against peers.

It was neat to see the results appearing on my dashboard like election returns, giving me more time than usual to spot trends and think of apt new questions.
Prof. Seth Freeman, NYU Stern

It just works, on any device

Laptops, phones or tablets, all you need is a browser.

This platform is a very valuable teaching and learning tool - and the students have fun at the same time!
Jui Ramaprasad

Focus on the concept, not on crunching numbers

Laptops, phones or tablets, all you need is a browser.

Great implementation of a much needed paradigm shift in learning and education.
Hemant Bhargava