Enterprise and Services

iDG Services complements the iDG Platform to enrich your educational technology capabilities. You may get a custom-built website portal, expand on your interactive case material, or use our technology to live teach your courses online.

Get a custom built training or education website and portal
Our team can design and implement a website specific to your needs. Users land on your page, get the information they need, and have a portal with seamless access to the iDG platform. We can also help you integrate with existing LMS solutions and 3rd party vendors.
Engage your students with interactive exercises
With our custom built interactive cases, learners will measurably engage with their course material. We also enable cases from existing libraries such as Harvard, Kellogg and others to be run interactively. Find out how we helped Harvard revolutionize negotiation teaching
Teach your online classes live!
Rather than having participants watch pre-recorded videos, iDG allows for online classes to go live. This way, teachers interact directly with their students facilitating the best online learning experience yet. Our focus on interactive simulations enables experiential learning.
Know you can rely on the support you need
The support team at iDG is there when you need them. You will have the help you need for the specific services you use, and can be assured that you and your participants have a great experience.

Innovate In Executive Education

EMERITUS Institute of Management offers management education programs in collaboration with MIT Sloan, Columbia, and Dartmouth. With the help of iDG Services, Emeritus has added interactive course content to its programs and with our support runs their online courses asynchronously and synchronously.


Build a Corporate Training Program

Strategic Pricing Associates is the leading provider of pricing analytics to companies around the globe. iDG services created spasigma.com including the SPASIGMA Online Academy which provides state-of-the-art corporate training on an engaging learning platform, supported by mobile tools and proven analytics.


Make Your Cases Interactive

iDG Services worked closely with the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center at Harvard to make their cases interactive. Now Teachers and trainers can leverage the power of technology to enhance their negotiation classes by using TNRC role-plays on the new iDecisionGames (iDG) platform.


Create Interactive Live Taught Courses

Always at the forefront of educational development, Stanford University was among the first to leverage iDG Services for their new online negotiation class. iDG Services made it possible for Stanford to conduct live simulations with students around the world and make their online MBA program interactive and engaging.


Implement Real-time Teaching and Training Today

iDG services is helping Johns Hopkins University move away from paper and manual exercises in all their negotiation course. In addition we are helping them develop their online course which will include recording of student group videos and feedback from instructors. Contact us today to provide real-time learning to your organization

I’ve used iDecision Games in my MBA- and executive-level negotiation courses. Next year, our institution is implementing the program across all of our negotiation sections, including our online course . iDecision Games makes the students’ lives easier by centralizing all of their negotiation activities in one place. It makes the instructor’s life easier by allowing them to focus on their comparative advantage—assessing the agreements and deciding how to debrief them—rather than scrambling to type up the agreements. Whenever I do a negotiation exercise without iDecision Games, I feel like I’m operating in the Stone Age!
Brian Gunia, Johns Hopkins University

Measure The Return Of Your Corporate Training Efforts

The Negotiation Lab uses the iDecisionGames platform as an executive training tool with a multi-national energy service company matching up 62 senior managers in 13 countries around the world in Harvard negotiation simulations every other month to ensure that value-creating “best practices” are maintained in the organization after the participants have left the classroom. The platform captures data of the 31 teams before and after each negotiation and allows me and my training staff to understand the strategies these managers initially bring to the bargaining table as well as a peer-to-peer evaluation of their performance afterwards. Then using the video-chat, we are able to observe in real-time how effectively these managers use their negotiation skills and tactics. The video facility of this platform gives the Negotiation Lab the ability to provide live, dedicated, personalized debriefs of each negotiation, which is almost impossible to do in a classroom setting.


Samuel Passow, Negotiation Lab